The purpose of Eye for God Ministries is to spread the
Gospel of Jesus Christ

This is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization that is fully recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.

        There are several areas that the ministry utilizes to achieve this goal:

Mission Trips. Provide an opportunity for people to participate in mission trips. This is done through sponsorship of people for missions trips as well as paying for airfare or other fees.

Surgery. Provides free (or at minimal charge) surgical rehabilitation of patients around the world. The surgeries typically involve those performed by Dr. Bowden.

Technological Advances. Provides spiritual and health care for persons around the world. This involves telemedicine and use of other technologies to allow evaluation of the patient from a distance.


Here are some recent MINISTRY ACTIVITIES:

Dr. Bowden has been going on mission trips several times a month and was going monthly since 2015. He retired from his clinical practice in Huntsville, Alabama at the end of 2017 and began full time mission work. Covid did decrease the frequency of the trips, but He is getting back to more and more...

Has given comprehensive lectures for the Haitian Ophthalmology Society and other oganizations around the world.

Provided free reconstructive surgery for a child from Guatemala. She had bad growths on her eyes and they were constantly irritated. Dr. Bowden removed the growths with free surgery at Huntsville Hospital. The anesthesia and pathology services were also free.

Performed about 3000 Cataract and Pterygium surgeries in Guatemala.

Has gone multiple to Kenya with KenyaRelief.org to perform cataract and plastic and reonconstructive surgery.

Has gone multiple times to Peru to perform cataract and plastic and reonconstructive surgery.

Has gone multiple times to Haiti to perform cataract and plastic and reonconstructive surgery.

Provided cataract surgeries for over 5000 patients with other ophthalmologists on trips to Montemorelos Mexico for the past 18 years.

Provided 75 cataract surgeries with Gansu Inc in China.

Provided free reconstructive surgery and medical care for a child from Jordan. He had been attacked for his Christian beliefs and couldn't get the surgery he needed there.

Partially supported 29 teens on a mission trip to present the Gospel in the Bahamas

Donated endoscopic equipment, laptops, and cameras to Elias Santana Hospital in the Dominican Republic for remote teleconferencing and disease recognition

Supported a missionary's move to Canada

Supporting a young girl from the Dominican Republic for 1 year in the U.S. for free reconstructive surgery by Dr. Bowden.

Brought a man from Trinidad for reconstructive surgery and radiation therapy for his eye.  Later took him to Dominican Republic for a corneal transplant.

Supported a college student with a Monthly Stipend Scholarship for education and travel in France.

Began a training program in Azerbaijan for oculoplastic specialists.

Began a training program in Mexico for oculoplastic specialists.

Donated equipment from the office and a surgical suite to a hospital in Mexico where he goes to teach surgery.

Donated a complete surgical suite to El Faro (www.misionelfaro.org) where he continues to deliver eye care 6 to 7 times a year. He is training other ophthalmolgists in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery in order to continue God's care for "the least of these."

Here are some videos of projects that Dr. Bowden has participated in:

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Board of Directors

Bert Bowden, MD--President
Connie Bowden--Vice Pesident
Glenn Lashley--Secretary/Treasurer

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